I am Guillaume Attard, a doctor-engineer geoscientist fascinated by new technologies and geodata science. I work as an independent consultant, and I am also teaching quantitative hydrogeology and modelling teaching and geospatial analysis using python for engineering students.

I have an expertise for the deterministic modelling of flow, heat and mass transport in aquifers which helps me to quantify the impact of constructions and human activities on water resources. I’ve recently been recognized as a Google Developer Expert for the Earth Engine technology.

The objective of this website is to illustrate my professional activities and areas of expertise. Additionally, I provide some programming resources through a blog. The articles published in this blog are dedicated to students, engineers, practitioners and other curious people who want to develop digital solutions applied to geosciences.

Finally, I made all my scientific publications available for everyone. Please ask in case you cannot find one.

Have fun visiting my website & Happy coding!