Hello everyone ! My name is Guillaume Attard, I am 30 years old. I am a doctor-engineer graduated from ENTPE (University of Lyon) and I now work as project manager at Cerema, in Lyon France.

My work is dedicated to the protection and management of groundwater resources. I have an expertise for the deterministic modeling of flow, heat and mass transport in aquifers which helps me to quantify the impact of constructions and human activities on groundwater resources. I am also teaching quantitative hydrogeology and modeling for engineering students at the ENTPE.

First, the objective of this website is to illustrate my current professional activities dealing with groundwater protection and geothermal energy planning, within the Portfolio section.

Secondly, I decided to start a blog entitled Python for Geosciences. In this blog, I plan to post some articles related to my daily life practice of Python as a geoscientist. These articles will be dedicated to students, engineers, practitionners and other curious people who want to use Python for geoscientific or GIS applications. I hope these examples will help you to save time… 😉

Finally, I made all my scientific publications available for everyone. Please ask in case you cannot find one.

Have fun visiting my webstite!